Andrieu Jean: his stereoscopic views

Jean Jules Andrieu was born in 1816 in Montaigu-de-Quercy in the Tarn. The son of a farmer, he began his activity as a photographer in 1860; in 1876, he sold his fund to Adolphe Block.

During his activity Jean Andrieu made several stereoscopic voyages: Pyrenees (1862-1863), Cities and SeaPorts (1862-1863), Maritime Alps (1863), Italy (1863), Sicily (1865), Spain (1868), Pyrenees (1868), Palestine, Syria and Egypt (1869).

In 1868, he published a catalogue of his stereoscopic photographs taken in the Pyrenees, Italy, Sicily, cities and seaports, Switzerland and Spain. The following year, his catalogue was devoted to the views he had made in Palestine, Syria and Egypt.

Stereoscopic images catalogue Jean Andrieu 1868
Page of the catalogue edited by Andrieu in 1868. Bibliothèque nationale de France (AD1822/3)



Palestine, Syria and Egypt

Cities and Seaports

Trip to the Pyrenees

Views of the Pyrenees


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