Bertrand Alexandre: his stereoscopic views

Alexandre Bertrand was born in 1822 in Paris; he died in 1889 in Avon.From 1846 to 1868, he directed in the capital a photography workshop located initially at 6 bis quai des Orfèvres, then at 34 rue dauphine from the year 1851. First of all daguerreotypist recognized for the quality of the portraits he makes, he also makes plates for photography and even teaches photography. In 1868, he sold his photographic collection to Auguste Verneuil. 

During his activity, Alexandre Bertrand left his Parisian studio and produced several series of stereoscopic images that he made during real trips and that he deposited between 1857 and 1867: in 1857 (Switzerland, Savoy), 1864 (Peru, Russia), 1865 (Banks of the Rhine, Pyrenees, Savoy, Views of Bordeaux, Toulouse, Carcassonne, Le Havre, Lyon, Paris, Imperial Museum of the Louvre, Italy) and in 1867 (Imperial Palaces : Tuileries, Luxembourg, Saint-Cloud, Versailles and Trianon, Compiègne, Fontainebleau and a series on bouquets of flowers, shells and baskets of fruit). 

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Imperial Palaces : Tuileries


Views of Bordeaux Toulouse and Carcassonne
Instant Views of Paris
Views of Lyon
Views from Switzerland

" I saw this machine work with the greatest success in Mr. Bertrand's workshop, where it walks continuously from morning to evening, in order to polish one hundred and fifty plates a day, number demanded by its customers, and its production of proofs for the use of the stereoscope. With ordinary polishers, it could not reach half of this number, and the beauty of the polish would not be as constant. "

Alexis Gaudin, Journal La Lumière 16 November 1851.



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