Legal deposit 1862



In 1862, 3838 photographs were registered for legal deposit in the Seine department. In this set, stereoscopic photographs reach only 9.8% of the total number with 379 stereoscopic pairs recorded. These figures are much the same as in 1861, which indicates that the decrease observed since 1860 is confirmed.The number of depositors of stereoscopic photographs is still decreasing and apart from the productions made by Jean Andrieu which total nearly 75% of the stereograms deposited all the other deposits are only anecdotal and are sometimes limited to only a few copies.

Andrieu Jean

Trip to the Pyrenees

Cities and Seaports

Betbeder Pierre

Various scenes in the studio

Knight Felix

Composed scenes

Lamiche son & Augé

Interior scenes

Lukkow Jean Frédéric