The project

The CLEM owns and has acquired the rights to operate a digital collection of 19th-century stereoscopic images. He has developed a reasoned system of collection, digitization, online and collaborative indexing via a specialized database: The Stereotheque. It is a collaborative platform: everyone can contribute by reporting their funds and/or indexing images.As part of this project, the CNRS Archaeovision unit provides the technical part of the database and Huma-Num is piloting the permanent archiving of the images.

As part of the project, the CLEM is committed to:

– create and develop a national cluster of expertise in stereoscopic images, capable of processing, retaining, making them available to scientific communities and making them known.

– develop a research axis on the history of stereoscopic images their uses and current prospects of reuse.

– carry out the missions of reconstruction, identification and sustainable conservation for its digital collections

– implement regional engineering of Arts and Cultural Education through networks of libraries, archives, museums and Cities and Countries of Art and History.