Block Adolphe

Adolphe Block (1829-1918) was a studio photographer but above all, from 1863, a stereoscopic views editor that he signed with the letters B.K.

In 1868, he succeeded Segoffin and then took over the funds of François Benjamin Lamiche and Louis Augé. In 1876, he bought the fund of Jean Andrieu and then that of Jules Marinier.

A prolific commercial actor and publisher, Adolphe Block broadcasts in very large quantities the stereoscopic views that he himself has made or those for which he has negotiated the reproduction rights. The views are edited on cardboard and very often proposed in colored transparent views also called "French tissue". The themes he reproduces are varied: countries, sites, landscapes, monuments, events, theatrical compositions, genre scenes, devilry, theatrical celebrities…

He ceased all activity in 1915.


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