Here are the stereoscopic images of our many contributors. They show us many aspects of daily life in thenineteenth and twentiethcenturies: antique cars, travels, family reunions, genre scene…

Friendly Dion Button

This lot presents an exceptional series of 49 views apparently designed by the managers of the company De Dion-Bouton themselves as a complete report on their company, the various workshops and the major automobiles in the catalog in this year 1906….

National Archives

In 2019, the National Archives entrusts the CLEM with its collection of stereoscopic views from the 1867 World's Fair.Photographs are open to collaborative indexing so that users can participate in the enrichment of the notices.

Quentin Bidault

This collection consists mainly of stereoscopic views published around the 1900s. The collection consists of Parisian scenes, some scenes from the world as well as a lot of landscapes from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

José Calvelo

A selection of relief images made, under the Second Empire, by a process still in its infancy. Eclectic in its themes, cosmopolitan in its origins, the collection is representative of the different paths traveled by professional photography…

Caillol-Careers Family

This impressive family collection includes more than 500 carefully identified glass plate views. These images, taken between 1929 and 1953 on the occasion of a family holiday, show many French regions (Aveyron, Provence, Brittany, Pyrenees, Paris exhibitions…).

Jean Carrier

Jean Carrier's collection of stereoscopic views consists of a small group of images edited on cardboard plates and a larger collection of glass plates…

Philippe Chalons

This collection consists of 44 glass plates made mainly in a family setting between the 1900s and 1925s…

Claude Coulon

The fund deposited by Claude Coulon corresponds to a collection inherited from his great-grandfather. All the views are dated to the second half of the 19th century…

Alexis Croly-Labourdette (Besson Fund)

The images of this collection were taken by Marie-Joseph-Pierre-Alexis Croly-Labourdette, amateur photographer born on February 25, 1879 in Bourg-sur-Gironde….

Dominique Denant

Consisting only of glass plates made in a family setting, this collection of 165 stereoscopic photographs documents several places. For the most part of the collection these are views of Arcachon and bordeaux…

Bernard Dezarnaulds


Thibault D'Halluin

This collection of 177 stereoscopic photographs on glass plates presents many views of Périgueux and the Dordogne. It was filed by Mr. Thibault D'Halluin. Dating back to the first quarter of the 20th century, …

Suzanne Drouillard

This family collection of 123 stereoscopic photographs on glass plates was deposited by Ms. Suzanne Drouillard. It has many views of Bordeaux (streets, harvest festival…)

Denis Duclot

The fund deposited by Denis Duclot includes 65 stereoscopic views glued to cardboard, with a wide variety of subjects. Indeed, this lot includes scenes of genres of major American publishers…

Suzanne Dumail

The fund deposited by Suzanne Dumail corresponds to a small collection of stereoscopic views for students in the classes of Madeleine Tuc, wife Dumail, teacher.

Francis Dupin

The collection consists of photos on paper and glass published in the years 1850-1860 mainly in France.

Theodore Guitard du Marès (Gay fund)

Daniel Theodore Guitard of Merès' loan by his descendants of the collection of photographs made between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century enriched the CLEM's database of stereoscopic images. The 278 stereoscopic images that make up this collection have reached us in excellent condition…

Joan Manel Hernandez

The fonds deposited by Joan Manel Hernandez consists of 97 stereoscopic photographs on glass plates edited by Bruguière. This collection corresponds to a collection acquired by Mr. Hernandez from a bookseller in Barcelona. The series include views of the Pyrenees, Monaco, Cannes, Nice, Lourdes and Biarritz dating from the 1910s to the 1930s.

Jean-Pierre Lassère

The collection deposited by Jean-Pierre Lassère de Bègles (Gironde) consists of 400 stereoscopic photographs, mostly on glass plates. This collection corresponds to a coherent fund acquired by Mr. Lassère at an auction. It comes from an unknown family and the photographs preserved cover the entire first half of the 20th century.

René Le Menn

It is a collection of about fifty views on glass plates showing us Bordeaux at the beginning of the 20th century: the Gate of Burgundy, the Public Garden….These shots, dated between 1905 and 1915, also show the surroundings near Bordeaux (Talence, Le Bouscat), but also Saint-Emilion and the beginnings of the sea baths in Lacanau.

Jacques Magendie

The Magendie fund is the core of our project and currently brings together more than 8000 images and continues to grow.

Catherine Martin

Cestas Media Library

André-Labarrère de Pau Media Library

The collection of stereoscopic photographs of the heritage department of the Intercommunal Media Library André Labarrère is kept in Pau at the Tramway Factory. Acquired in June 2006 from a collector, this collection consists of 566 cardboard views taken in the Pyrenees during the second half of the 19th century.

Marco Paladini

Anne Pujo

Arnaud Saudax

Archaeological Society of Bordeaux

Robert Vergnieux

Michel Wiedemann

This fund has no less than 915 edited views, collected by Mr. Michel Wiedmann. There are big names in French stereoscopy, such as Adolphe Block, Jean Andrieu, Furne and Tournier… London Stereoscopic Company, The Great Western View Company…