The picture of the month #43 | September

For the start of the 2021 school year, we called on a cartomancer who confirmed that this new school year will be rich in projects, meetings and the enhancement of our funds!

To begin with, we will be present in Blanquefort with the French Stereo Club on September 26 and then in Angoulême in mid-October for the Courant 3D festival. To be aware of our events, the information is in the newsletters or on our networks!

This view was probably edited by Alexis or Charles Gaudin.
This print is very close to the views n °307 and variants deposited by Alexis Gaudin in 1858(Subjects of fantasy and registered under the number 8053 at the legal deposit of the department of the Seine). It is the same female model taking a very close pose, the same theme and the same furniture. However the dress is not identical.





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