Furne & Tournier: their stereoscopic views


Charles-Paul Furne (1824-1875) and Henri-Alexis-Omer Tournier (1835 -?) produced between 1857 and 1864 nearly 40 series of stereoscopic views. Considered today among the main French producers and publishers of stereoscopic cards during the golden age of the technique, these two cousins have made nearly 7000 photographs.

During their activity, the two partners made several great stereoscopic voyages: Brittany (1857-1858), Pyrenees (1858), Provence and Languedoc (1858), Cherbourg (1858), Switzerland (1860), Castles and imperial residences (1858-1859). But their production was not limited to these expeditions, they also created and sold genre scenes and theatricalized fictions, such as: Groupes divers pour le stereoscope (1857), l'Alphabet des costumes (1859), Un mariage sous Louis XV (1859) and Une maison à Paris (1860).

In 1861, Charles-Paul Furne ceased all activities related to stereoscopy to take over his father's publishing house; he sold the fund to his cousin, who operated it until 1865, before selling it to Armand Varroquier.

Stereoscopic images catalogue Furne & Tournier 1861
Page of the catalogue edited by Furne and Tounier in 1861. Bibliothèque nationale de France (AD1822/49)

Stereoscopic images furne et tournier voyage en Bretagne 1857 Hennebont lavandières

" The work of the miniaturist who colored the proofs made by Furne & Tournier is particularly neat. The furne et Tournier company shared (at 57, rue de Seine, in Paris) the premises of the Imprimerie Lemercier, which had a section devoted to photographic prints. It is possible to suppose that painters working for the printing press were in charge of coloring the prints of these photographers. When they had to process images with complex colors, the work of the miniaturists was delicate and time-consuming. The illuminated prints were therefore expensive: 13 francs per dozen (wholesale price?) instead of 8.50 for black and white tests."

José Calvelo, collaborative indexing

Château impérial de Saint-Cloud

De Gênes à Florence

De Nice à Gênes par la corniche

Dumanet au sérail


Etudes d'animaux

Fables de La Fontaine

La Normandie Artistique

La Suisse pittoresque

La vie militaire de Jean-Jean

Le Grand Trianon

Le Petit Trianon

Les bords de la Loire

Paris Nouveau

Provence et Languedoc


Saint-Cloud (2ème série)

Scènes de bord

Scènes paysannes

Souvenirs de Cherbourg

Sujets Pompadour

Une maison à Paris

Un mariage sous Louis XV

Voyage dans les Pyrénées

Voyage en Bretagne

Voyage sur les bords du Rhin et de la Moselle



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