The picture of the month #44 | October

This month, the picture of the month is a bit special. It is with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of Jacques Magendie last week.

Present for 7 years within our stereoscopic project, his collection is the largest of our collections with more than 9000 photographs inventoried at his home, in Lescar.

Without it, the Stereopole, the Stereo Library and all the work carried out around these particular views would not be the same. We will keep the emotional memory of a passionate with a big heart, a well of science, compulsive buyer of books and photographs.

"Outside the ramparts, in a sloping street that hums among the houses of the lower town, saw an affable man, messy hair and watchful eye, a quick-silver character such as Lewis Carroll came out of his hat," wrote Xavier Rosan in Le Festin in 2003.

Jacques Magendie in 2018

Video made by the Emmaus group of Lescar:

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