The picture of the month #31 | September

The European Heritage Days are approaching! This year, the theme "Heritage and Education" aims to raise awareness among the younger generations.

The front page of September will focus on this subject and in particular on the modifications, disappearances and restorations around historical monuments. You will be able to find it from September 15 on the Stereopole.

In the meantime, here is a stereoscopic view presenting the work of the Saint-Jacques tower in Paris, around 1853-1854.

This tower is in fact a bell tower, the only vestige still standing of the old church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie, built in the sixteenth century. The starting point of the via Turonensis, it was destroyed in 1797.

Paris, restoration work on the Saint-Jacques tower, circa 1853-1854, Calvelo collection, CAL0163

The tower was bought in 1836 by the city of Paris from an entrepreneur who had installed a factory of hunting lead. The architect Théodore Ballu completely restored it; in 1858 the work was completed.

Nowadays, the tower can be visited from June to November.

Collection Calvelo

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