The picture of the month #40 | June

June has arrived!

In the fields, it's time for haying: at your scythes, at your rakes, you have to harvest the hay to dry it!

We are here at the end of the 19th century in an unidentified countryside, in the company of two men and a woman ready for the task.

Scene of peasant life, Magendie collection, Mag4474

A little dive into the Middle Ages: in the books of hours and then in the agricultural treatises, the work of the fields is illuminated according to the months.

For example, in the Rustican or Book of proffiz champestres and ruraleulx, translated in 1373 at the request of Charles V, the various peasant and noble activities are represented next to the text of Pierre de Crescens.

Calendar of rustican, 15th century, Chantilly, Musée Condé, Ms 340 (0603)

In June, a man in a shirt and covered with a hat is about to make hay.

To learn more about the calendars of medieval agricultural work, it is here,an article of the Clem for educational workshops around the Middle Ages!

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