The picture of the month #39 | May

The cafés on the terrace

It's imminent, the café terraces will finally be able to open! To mark this long-awaited moment, here is a colorful view of the café of the train station that connected Paris and Le Havre. These convoys were then called "pleasure trains" to reduced-cost seaside resorts. In France, these trains ran from 1847 (Paris-Le Havre in 6 hours) to the 1930s.

Very popular, these trains have inspired many stories, plays, illustrations and songs.

This view could be taken between 1855 and 1864 by Pierre Henri Lefort. It is possible that this transparent view on paper corresponds to an edition of Charles Gaudin since the latter bought the lefort collection in 1864. Gaudin also re-deposited the same series and this same photograph in 1868.

Café de la station, voyageurs attablés, between 1855 and 1864, Collection Dupin
This is what is usually called an illuminated view. In this very particular type of production, a photograph is printed on a very thin paper at the back of which a thin sheet of colored paper has been placed by hand. When the image is placed in the light it then appears in color.


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