The picture of the month #38 | April

In April, don't discover yourself with a thread!

This saying is a reminder of how surprising the thermal gap can be at the beginning of April, which can even see snow fall after a few days of heat.

Also, we can only advise you to put on your crinoline, guaranteeing a shelter to all tests in the face of temperature differences!

Crinoline: donning the dress, circa 1858, Calvelo collection, CAL293

This view from José Calvelo's collection must be compared with the CAL291:

In crinoline, adorned for the exit! Around 1858, Calvelo collection, CAL 291

Not only because of the almost identical décor, but also because of the narrative continuity between the two stereograms. They belong, we believe, to a somewhat larger series that stages the stages of dressing a lady preparing, with the help of a maid, for an outing.

Brian May and Denis Pellerin present these genre scenes in the book Crinoline, Fashion's Most Magnificent Disaster published by the London Stereoscopic Company in 2016. They attribute this view to the London studio of the Gaudin brothers.

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